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App: List of FUn app for 1st Generation iPod Touches

List of Apps for 1st Generation iPod Touches (These apps require less than iOS 3.1.3) Feel free to add apps you like and can be played on 1st Gen iPod Touchs, Just comment on this post or email me at Hopefully later I can sort them into alphabetical or category...

How to Jailbreak iOS 7 (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)

Learn how to safely and correctly jailbreak your iOS 7 device with Evasi0n 7. Jailbreaking alows you to custimize your device how you want. You can change and add almost anything you can think of...

Free App: Fairway Solitaire! (Limited Time)

Fairway Solitaire is free for a limited time! It's usually 99 cents! Go here to get the code for the free download off of iTunes / Apple App Store. 1. Choose Country 2. Fill Security Box (So they know you're human) 3. Get Code 4. Enter Code on iTunes or the App Store. 5. Download!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Music: Karmin - Hello

Karmin - Hello

You may know Karmin from the recent hit Broken Hearted. Well their new single that seems to be getting a ton of airplay is called Hello, Off their album Hello. I first heard this on the way home on a radio station that plays mostly Pop EDM (Electric Dance Music). And I LOVED it! It's a cross of EDM and Rap. I'm not the biggest fan of Rap but this song is amazing! The music video is pretty cool too! Karmin is actually a group, or couple rather, as you can see from the above album art. The girl is Amy Heidemann and the boy is Nick Noonan. They are currently engaged. So go ahead and check out this electrifying new song!

You can buy the single Hello on iTunes Here
You can buy the album Hello on iTunes Here

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update: Working Out Bugs

So I got the new template up and going!

 Feedback is appreciated! (Contact Us Page)
I'm still getting hang of everything and working out the bugs so yeah. I should have a new app review up soon! It's been hard to find new apps I can actually play on my old 1st gen iPod Touch.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Update: New Blog Look Being Created :)

Hi everyone! Hope everyone's summer was awesome! Anyway, I'm working on making the blog more professional. I'm hoping to add a real homepage with different sections such as apps, movies, videos games, music, and adding the most recent in each area on the home page. I'm also looking for people to write reviews and updates. So if you're interested in helping out or writing reviews for the blog you can email me at . My goal is to have the blog reinvented in 1-3 months. :) if you have any ideas or suggestions you can email me them or post them here. Either way they're appreciated! Thanks for reading :D


Monday, August 20, 2012

Contest: Any App Giveaway!

Hello everyone! 
I'm doing a contest for any 99 cent app from the Apple App Store!

This means any app that's 99 cents or under you can get free!
(If this contest is successful I will do future ones at higher amounts and more often!)

To enter go here, and complete a survey
The survey then unlocks the page with directions on how to confirm your entry! 

Now I know what you're thinking, "Oh gosh a survey! That's freaking dumb!" But everyone is thinking that! So the fact that this a small blog and many people might not even do the survey your chances of winning are extremely high! 

They get even better!
If 20 people enter, I give away 2 apps.
If 30 people enter, I give away 5 apps. 
If 50 people enter, I give away 10 apps.  

People Entered So Far: 0

So enter nowContest ends on September 7th 2012!

Only 1 entry per person! 
*Note this might change if I decide if I want to make Tweets a entry!*
All other rules are on the page the survey unlocks.

If you want to contact me for questions or anything you can email me at

*UPDATE 8/26/12*
Because no one has entered yet a few day into the contest I decided to make the first person to enter a automatic winner. All other rules are the same, so that means there will still be a winner, and 2 winners for 20 people that enter and 5 winners for 30 people that enter and 10 winners for 50 people that enter!

Has someone already gotten the first entry automatic win?: No, You still have time!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Blog (Rafflecopter Giveaways!)

Just wanted to let you guys know I started a new blog. It's all about posting about Rafflecopter giveaways! Rafflecopter is a online raffle organizer. Bloggers or anyone wanting to start a giveaway can make a raffle and it's super easy...

They make up tasks to earn entries. Such as liking a Facebook page or following a person on Twitter. And once you sign up for Rafflecopter you can use it at any Rafflecopter giveaway! Thes giveaways can be anything from cash and giftcards to laptops and movies and iPods and iPads and makeup and anything else you can think of. You just have to find the giveaway! So sign up for rafflecopter and start entering for your favorite giftcards or that new laptop you wanted! Check out my new blog that posts lots of cash, giftcard and electronics like iPods and iPads and Video Games giveaways

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Win a Copy of #GuildWars2 from

I was browsing Facebook and saw a post about the blog DragonBlogger, a Technology Blog, giving away a copy of the new and upcoming game Guild Wars 2! I loved Guild Wars so hell yes I'm going to enter! I'm hosting the giveaway because if the winning entry is from here I  at least get $10. But of course I want the copy of Guild Wars 2! Good Luck Everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here's some info from DragonBlogger:

"I just bought 2 copies of Guild Wars 2 for my family (son and I) and this is going to be a fantastic game, how about all of the features of an awesome MMO with no monthly fee?  You pay for the game and you get all the play you want without the recurring monthly membership.guildwars2 550x215 Win a Copy of #GuildWars2 from
Guild Wars 2 already had millions of people apply for the beta and is one follows one of the best selling games that truly stood it’s ground online years ago.  I am looking forward to it and want to see if my readers want their own chance to win a copy before the game releases on August 28th 2012.
Enter the contest via this widget, share with all your social networks and tell me if you played the original and what your favorite classes were?  I loved the Ranger, but have played as Elementalist, Guardian, Mesmer as well much of the time.

Which class or race interests you most in Guild Wars 2 to try first?
-Dragon Blogger"

P.S. Dragon Blogger if your reading this I love playing as a ranger too! If you still play GW add me 'Fireball The Ranger'.